Mentor Hours with Nilesh Gohil in baner balewadi

Mentor Hours with Nilesh Gohil in baner balewadi

About the Mentor
Nilesh, an MBA graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, currently works as a Senior Vice President at Merkle Sokrati and leads a 200 member team. He has previously worked with Symbian India, Nokia and Nilesh holds 18 years of diverse international experience. He has done so across different domains (Analytics, Digital and Mobile), industries (eCommerce, BFSI, Mobile Apps, HighTech and Telco), functions (Consulting, Operations and Product Engineering) and markets (APAC, India and the EU and US).

About the Event
Mentor Hours are one-on-one sessions where an expert mentor guides interested entrepreneurs/wantrepreneurs on various issues of technology, marketing, hiring, scaling up, legal issues, design practices etc.

 Why do we organise Mentor Hours?
In the various conferences/seminars/events where the experts sort of get to interact with people and startups, the one-sided interactions and very basic level gyaan and the high level knowledge is generally not shared.When startups interact one-on-one, they get specific advice which are beneficial to them.Hence, this is our way of contributing towards the community.

 Is there any fees to meet the mentor?
No, this one-on-one session with the mentor is absolutely free. All we ask for is a serious approach to the event and for you to come on time once the slots have been allotted.

The slots for the event are limited and the team will contact you to confirm your slot.

 Some interesting perk for you to know the mentor more!
Don’t miss out on the blog ” My Learning’s Through Helping Companies Scale Up” written by Nilesh Gohil. He shares his learning’s from his robust experience which is worth a read!

Address: Caf Coffee Day Baner Road, Next To Prabhavee Techpark, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045, India


30th June 2018 11:00 am


30th June 2018 1:30 pm

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Caf Coffee Day Baner Road, Next To Prabhavee Techpark, Baner,


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