Poetry Slam and PILF Audition baner balewadi

Poetry Slam and PILF Audition baner balewadi

Our PILF Auditions are taking a twist! This slam you will navigate through a new slam to qualify for performing at the Pune International Literary festival!!!

Poetry Slam + PILF Audition baner balewad

Poetry Slam + PILF Audition baner balewad

Bullock Cart is back with a new type of slam- the 1-2-3 Slam!

  1. The first round will have ONE MINUTE POEMS,
  2. The second round will have TWO MINUTE POEMS
  3. The third round will feature THREE MINUTE poems.

The top contestants of each round will go to the third round and the winner of the third round will perform at PILF!

We have only 24 slots in this slam competition.

We will be keeping 5 three minute slots for the open mic if you wish to perform and not compete for PILF!

Learn more about the slam!

Rules are simple-

Round 1-

Will have the poets perform poems up to one minute in duration. They will be judged on content and performance. The top 12 will proceed to round-2


Round 2-

Will feature the top 12 poets of round one where they get to perform a poem that will finish under two minutes. They will be judged according to content and performance. The top 6 will go on to round three.

Round 3- Will feature the top 6 poets of round 2 where they get to present a 3-minute piece. They will be judged according to content and performance. The winner of this round will get to perform at the Pune international literary festival.


  1. THIS SLAM WILL NOT CUT POINTS FOR MEMORISING. However, if you win the slam and qualify for the literary festival, you will HAVE to memorize your poem to perform at the festival, else you forfeit your place in the festival.
  2. There will be a strict time limit enforced so poets are encouraged to practice and time themselves. 20% of the points will be cut for going over 1 minute in the first round, 2 minutes in the 2nd round and 3  minutes in the third round. You go overtime by 10 seconds and you will have to stop your poem and leave the stage with another 20% point cut.
  3. The winner will get to perform a memorized and pre-rehearsed poem at the Pune International literary festival.
  4. The decision of the Judges and organizers will be final and binding
  5. The tickets are non-refundable.

28th July 2018 7:00 pm


28th July 2018 9:30 pm

Fees & Tickets

fees (Rs.)

Event Venue


Pagdandi Books Store Cafe Shop No. 6, Regent Plaza, Baner - Pashan Link Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045, India


18.5521914, 73.7931179