Age Group: 2 to 8
Event Date: 28-Sep-2016
Last Date of Registration: 28-Sep-2016
Activities: Communication Skills , Phonics, Speech & D
Contact Person:Team The Green Turtle Kids Activity Center
Contact No: 9820963599 / 9820833442
Email ID: thegreenturtlepune@gmail.com
Address: The Green Turtle, Vasant Vidya, Opp. Solaris Gym, Off. Baner Road 411045

Venue: The Green Turtle Kids Activity Center

Timings: 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM

My Name is Shubhi Pai, I am an MBA in Finance worked in London for 5yrs as a financial analyst with a leading bank and actuary, before moving to US for the next 7 beautiful years. Call it beautiful because, here I pursued my love and interest for teaching by going to college and getting certified in BAA(applied Behaviour Analysis) and worked with kids on the spectrum for 6yrs. This helped me understand better, how kids be it on spectrum or neurotypical kids can be taught, speech, phonics, behavior, sensory issues, fine and gross motor skills.

Moved to Pune 3 yrs back and constant complaints from my kids that they don’t get to talk about storybooks at school or outside made me dig deeper in this matter to realize that it’s not just reading books, kids don’t read for they don’t know “How to read” or decode words and meanings and that’s how “ BookMunchers” was born.

What will your children learn @ BOOKMUNCHERS

Here kids will play phonics games in group, read aloud, spell the word on their own,solve worksheets, know the sounds(phonemes) of all the letters independently and begin to blend sounds and sound out and read simple words and most important, get interested in reading more and more. Kids will learn Sight words, which form an important part of the reading process and are leveled according to grades. It’s not just about getting to read, but also about how you read and express. Your kids will learn to express their views and understand other kid’s perception. Group discussion also form a part of decoding the books, which form the basis of literary appreciation for later grades. Kids will read 8-10 books, and would read each book at least 3 times to understand and analyze the story. Age appropriate writing prompts would be provided to form short stories, helping them widen their creative minds. End of the level the kids will put up a play based on books read, for the parent. Speech correction will be done and communicated to parent if and when necessary. ipads would be used for accessing online books and helping the kids with auditory skills. We all have different learning styles so do kids, some are visual learners, some kinesthetic, some auditory and some reading/writing. In my class I analyze each kid’s learning style and help them learn accordingly, there by maximizing their understanding of what is taught.


28th September 2016 4:00 pm


28th September 2016 5:00 pm

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The Green Turtle, Vasant Vidya, Opp. Solaris Gym, Off. Baner Road 411045