About Health Coach – With Pragya Khosla, baner balewadi

About Health Coach – With Pragya Khosla, baner balewadi

Theme: This is will be a presentation focusing on the current scenario amongst the General populace regarding Health & Fitness and their effect on Lifestyle in general. This presentation will also answer the modern-day question of does having a Health Coach suits us?

Type of Event: It will be an Audio-Visual presentation with active interaction amongst presenter and the audience. It might also involve some Questionnaire regarding Daily habits.

Tentative Duration: The presentation will be an hour long.

Expected Outcome: The current awareness of the populace associate Health and Fitness to Gym or Sports. With this event we want to change the Outlook of the people towards the often-ignored components of Health ranging from the Social to the Intuitive ones. Also, we plan to provide a general idea on How having a Health coach is as important as having a trusted Doctor or a Physician for your medical needs.

With this event we want to raise the modicum of trust that populace has towards Health coach in general by displaying with help of Different means how having a health coach is always beneficial.

We will be making them aware of the problems they might have in regards with different health aspects and will help them in understanding the requirements on their part to get a health coach they need instead of just having one.

I am an individual with a special expertise in handling the Day to day schedules of the people who generally think themselves not made for the Healthy Lifestyle. My athletic experience of being a national swimmer with professional experience of being a health coach makes me suited for such kind of endeavour. The fact that my age helps me gain insight into the minds of the audience in question will only add to the cause of the whole event.


11th August 2018 11:00 am


11th August 2018 12:00 pm

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